Summer Has Officially Begun

I know summer started a few weeks ago, but it didn't officially feel like summer until last last weekend when we went to our friend's house for a sleepover. Pool time and a midnight BBQ? Never fails! Here's how the festivities unfolded...

Arrived at 4:30PM.
Ate some chips w/guacamole, deviled eggs, and Oreos.
Repeated until about 6PM.
Ate a yummy dinner that consisted of brisket, brown rice, and green salad.(AMAZING!)
Ate more chips and Oreos.
Went swimming.
Went in the jacuzzi.
Jacuzzi malfunctioned.
Played Just Dance 4.
Midnight BBQ (burgers & hotdogs)
Watched Iron Man 2 at about 1AM.
Went to bed.
Woke up.
Went for a morning swim.
Helped make breakfast.
Went home.
Stopped at 7-11 for a Slurpee!
The End.

Guys. There's nothing that makes me happier than a midnight BBQ. I don't know why.. My innards just get giddy! And summer doesn't feel like summer till you have a blueberry Slurpee!
^ ^ ^ This guy. He's a blast. Life of the party type. I love him.^ ^ ^

Does it feel like summer where you live?

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