Start spreading the news... NEW YORK!

New York! Wow! Do you remember a wish list I posted a few months ago just mentioning how it would be so nice to go there for our 5 year anniversary???! (I can't find the post, but I know for a fact I posted something about wanting to go there recently.) Well Lovey made it happen! He should win a husband of the decade award or something. He really should. 

So yes. We went. Last week. For our anniversary. Yup. It was amazing. Sweltering and sticky but so glorious. We ate pizza every day.  We also ate a bunch of other stuff... Like.. all we did was eat. Hot dogs. Donuts. Chinese food. NY cheesecake.  But no shame or guilt here because we walked for miles. And by miles, I mean blisters on our feet...mostly on our toes for some reason. Gross. But oh was it worth it! Just look:

The MET rooftop. Oh la la!

Food. Subways. More food. Beautiful buildings. Newsies Musical. More food.


PS. There are more pictures, obviously, but I've been too lazy to edit them. I think I might get to it tonight, then we can all enjoy a proper post. MAYBE!


  1. this looks amazing! we are going later in the year and i am so excited because we went on honeymoon there and i can't wait to go back :)

  2. lucky you! i have never been to new york and i want to sooooooooooooo bad!!!!! next time, take me with you!!!


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