Shoes & Sunnies

Today I thought I'd just share some snippets of what I've been up to lately! Nothing too exciting really.

Sunglasses Shopping
I hate sunglasses shopping cause my head and my face are ginormous. Does ANYONE make "plus-size face" sunglasses?? Cause I need some! (Don't even get me started on hats.) I guess it doesn't help that I like big sunglasses. So big sunglasses for a big face are pretty impossible to find. Ugh! First world problems.

I've also been shoe shopping cause I'm embracing my girliness lately (more on that tomorrow). And I'm also embracing the heel again. Lovey and I are the same height, so I never wear heels when we're out together cause I feel manly when I tower over him. But now I'm kind of getting over that sentiment. Who cares if I'm taller? (Although can you believe that I've received comments about being too tall to wear heels??? Like. What the heck does that mean???!!) 

I got a hair cut! Wee! My sweet pal, Val moved pretty far away recently, and seeing her often is kind of out of the question, especially now that she has a cute little one in tow. So I ventured out and found a new person to cut my hair. (I was going to do it myself. But we all know how that goes.) I like how it turned out and how the stylist barely spoke a word to me. I'm a horrible conversationalist. So yeah.

What's up with you guys? How are you? Tell me!

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  1. I love those black booties! So cute on you! And I need that guacamole right now. YUM!
    Oh and I got my last sunnies from WalMart of all places and they are super cute!


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