Porto's Bakery: This Was Not Real Life

I don't know where to start or what can even be said. I don't want to sound cliché or repeat myself... Guys. Porto's was the mother of all bakeries! You know how some places you go only have good coffee but terrible croissants? Or maybe, fluffy muffins, but dry pastries?  But in this glorious, buttery land EVERYTHING was good. Okay wait. Let me rephrase that. Everything I tried was good. I'm embarrassed to say all I ate...But what the heck, I'll divulge.

-Tuna Croissant Sandwich w/ banana fritters (pictured)
-Raspberry Cheesecake (pictured)
-Mango Cheesecake (pictured) (WOW!)
-Tres Leches Napolean (pictured) (OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE!)
-Plain croissant (not pictured)
-Chocolate croissant (not pictured) (WOW!)
-Mango Smoothie (pictured)
-Some other pastry goodness I can't remember the name of. (not pictured)
-Sugar cookies (not pictured)

Now before you start judging my fatness, I should clarify that I DID NOT have all of this in one sitting, AND  I shared everything with my mom, sister, Lovey, and my brother-in-law. See? I'm not such a fat kid.

Friends, if you ever find yourself in the greater Los Angeles area, please do mankind a favor and visit this place. It's reasonably priced (WAYYY cheaper than Panera) and delicious! They have everything you can think of (smoothies, coffee, baked goods, muffins, Danishes, cakes, pastries, croissants, sandwiches, pate chaud, etc). I guarantee you won't regret it.


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