My Green Thumb (sort of)

So here's how it started. About 3 months ago I bought some white onions at the store but never used them because I was too busy for onions. (Ha!) So I left them on the counter and they started to sprout. Yes. Little shoots just started coming out the tops. I deemed this unfair at first because how does something grow on a counter without water and outside of dirt? (I don't get it.) Anywho... It kept growing and growing so I decided to put it outside in a planter. And now...I have this:
Who knew onions were so gorgeous? Wow! I simply loved this whole process cause usually I just kill every. living. green. thing. in .my. presence. forever.

I thought this thing with the onions was a fluke. But then I bought some basil for a caprese salad (I grew up to like tomatoes??! I'm just full of surprises lately). I got the kind of basil that still has the roots attached to it (from the produce section at Stater Brothers). Have you seen that stuff? Anywho. I snipped off what I needed for my salad and then decided to just stick the left overs in some dirt. After all, the roots were still attached to the thing... And guess what? They're growing! What the what???!

 I know. Growing stuff isn't rocket science, people have been doing it forever...but I'm still super impressed by how easy it came to me and how much I enjoy the whole process.  My next experiment is some sweet potatoes. They're on my counter and already sprouting. Might as well stick 'em in some dirt. Yup. That's my new motto.


  1. When my unused onions sprouted I just tossed them in the compost bin! I'm throwing them in a pot of dirt next time. :)

  2. Hurray for accidental gardens!!


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