Dinner for One

You all know that I absolutely  l o v e  my Lovey to no end. But sometimes, I really love when Lovey isn't around. Gahh! Such a bad wife I am. But seriously... I get to blast my music (usually I have to keep it down cause he's studying), I get to exercise freely (I don't like to be watched), and I get to cook whatever I want! Wooo! Now you might ask, "Don't you cook whatever you want when Lovey is around?" The answer is YES! Of course! But the wonderful thing about being alone for the night is that A.) I can make stuff that Lovey doesn't consider dinner (ie cereal)  and  B.) I can skip dinner altogether. Oh yeah and C.) I can sneak out to McDonald's and have my guilty pleasure meal. (If I want.)

Well yesterday, I went for option A and had eggs for dinner. So easy, so healthy, sooo yummy.
All for me... Cause this is my favorite part of being alone... D.)Not having to share with anyone.


  1. okay my friend, made it without a moment to spare. so prep yourself for a cryptic message...

    first of all i love how you set this meal for 1 up, the Heart plate is perfect. my mom always told me to keep bringing out the fancy dinnerware even when it was only me who used it. i honestly think nice plates/glassware makes things taste better, know what i mean?

    the other thing i couldn't agree more about is the sense of freedom when our handsome fellas step out for the night (or just a wee bit longer), my secret guilty pleasure when this happens is going super "frow". it's what i call it when i don't shower, shave or anything. kinda gross for most but i love not worrying if anyones checking me out - Baha! mcd's may be a secret second too :)

    anyways, thinking about you for maybe a reason you can figure out....xo ♥

  2. hahaha i love this. i have a mcdonalds guilty pleasure meal too and it is so good :)

  3. I know it sounds bad but I feel the same way!! I get to do whatever I want, hog the computer, listen to my hippie music and eat cereal at 1 pm :) It's a good life! Following on BlogLovin (duh)


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