Yes. San Diego. Again.

I guess you didn't believe me when I said I love San Diego.  It doesn't get old. Whether it be a beach, museum, or a restaurant, there's always something new to see. And there's always someone new with whom to explore this great city. This last weekend Lovey and I took his mama to see the sights. We showed her our favorite places and had a grand time. Sure, it took us 4 hours to get there instead of 2 (freeway closure due to fuel tanker accident), but that didn't spoil our day. Even when my two nieces peepeed on my shoes on the side of the freeway...It just didn't even phase me. Or when my niece put my dSLR in the sand at the beach... I didn't break a sweat. Okay. So I did scold her a ton for that because I doubt I got the sand all out...But still...San Diego does that to you. It simply makes everything better! Here are a few pics!

Oh sweet San Diego! I think I will see you soon!

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