Pictureless Moment

I wanted to write about last Thursday because it was kind of a perfect evening. And I don't want to forget it. Basically my sisters came over with my mom and we had dinner together. Nothing fancy. Just some veggies and chicken from Costco...Followed by some Banana Cream Pie. (WOW!) I tried to capture a moment from our time together, but nothing would suffice. I thought, "Maybe I can take a picture of our fruity lemonade glasses, or our faces or--" But nothing could capture the essence of it all.

I guess what made it so special were those moments when we would laugh at something from our past... A collective memory. A funny truth...Something we all shared together at some point in our lives. I just felt like, "This! Look here! These women. I am them. They are me. We are one in some way. We've shared wombs and rooms, tears and laughter. We are here now...together! Talking. Remembering. Laughing. Living....After so long..."

It was great. And I'm sure all this made no sense...But that's okay. I know what happened. And I will remember it forever. Picture or no picture.


  1. Sometimes words capture moments way better than pictures :)

  2. Loved this post Janette, thank you for it. :) Seriously brought tears to my eyes...miss my mom and sisters so much sometimes. Living far away stinks, but definitely makes me appreciate moments like the one you described with those awesome women in your life!! Thanks again for sharing it with us. xo


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