My Nieces

My nieces bring out the best in me...but they also bring out the worst. It's only until they try my patience that I realize how truly impatient and mean I can be. Yesterday, we went to visit my parents and I had my eldest niece put her leftover ice cream dish in the sink. When I went to check on what was taking her so long, I found her drizzling melted ice cream all over a pile of clean dishes. In our home, Lovey and I have taught our nieces to put away their dirty dishes in the sink...But my mom keeps her dish rack with newly washed dishes in the sink itself. Obviously, she didn't know that things were different at my parent's...But I still scolded her and told her to "leave the kitchen before I got really angry."

I had to rewash the dishes and when I was done I found her sitting quietly, fighting back tears, behind the couch. I felt     h o r r i b l e. I mean, the kid didn't know. I apologized and told her that I was very sorry for being so mean. I hugged her tight and she hugged me tighter. She was so forgiving when I hadn't been...In retrospect, that hug made me think of the Lord. Always ready to forgive when we are ready to seek out forgiveness.

These two teach me so much. About life, about myself, about God. I love them. They drive me crazy at times. But I love them!

PS. Babies in topknots are ADORABLE!


  1. Aww! They are precious! Sometimes it can be so hard to control anger around our loved ones. Its something I'm constantly working on.

  2. Adorable... I feel terrible when i do that to my kids too...but they are my best teachers!


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