Well, I've decided not to Instagramify my blog anymore. What does it mean to Instagramify your blog? It's when bloggers only use IG pictures as their sole source of visual aids in their posts. I don't like when I do that for several reasons... Mainly this: What's the point of having a blog and an Instagram account if both are being used for the same purpose? I don't want my blog to be a more detailed Instagram feed. It makes no sense. I should just have one or the other if both accounts showcase the same content. So I'm just going to post my weekly IG highlights. And I'm only going to limit myself to 4 images. So here it is... My Insta-Highlights!

1. Last Thursday's outfit of the day. I'm trying to wear more skirts. They're growing on me!
2. Passionfruit iced tea! So yum! Too sweet though.
3. Bradley! He's my neighbor's dog..He peeks over the fence and barks at me all day long. I absolutely love him!
4. Dulce de Leche pudding cup topped with some Cool Whip. Just the right size to tackle those dessert cravings.

PS. You should post your top 4 Instagrams. It's kind of tricky just picking a few!


  1. I have been obsessed with DRESSES lately!!!! You look gorg darling :)

  2. Cute photos! Aww I'm so jealous to every single person out there who already have Starbucks ..Can you believe, us Finns (Finland) don't! :D

    Indie by heart

  3. you have way more will power than me. i use my IG photos far too often. now i just don't put them on IG first and at least then not everything is a repeat ;)


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