Coffee & Zombies

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Hello friends!

Today I’m partnering with Peet's Coffee & Tea and I’m here to talk about what I “Give a Cup” about. What’s that? Well, in honor of their new Single Cups, Peet's Coffee is giving away samples of their new product all across this beautiful nation. But, you’re in control of the location! How? Well you get to vote. Each week, Peet's will see if America “Gives a Cup” about a particular topic. This week’s topic is Zombies. (Do you “Give a Cup”?) I don’t. Haha! I've never seen one zombie movie. (I’m not even sure what a zombie is. They eat brains? They’re dead? Hmm…) Anywho, if you'd like to vote on Zombies, or other future topics then click here. And check back to see if they’ll be in your town next (Peet's, not zombies)!

So let me backtrack a bit and tell you what I do “Give a Cup” about. And that would be my family. My husband, my parents, my siblings, their children... They are my world. My biggest cup of all. I overflow with the joy they've brought to my days. And I’m blessed beyond measure to have them in my life.

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  1. I gave a cup...

    And you don't know what zombies are! GIRL! I must school you...

    but some other time ;)


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