10 Random Things


Feliz Friday amigas!!!!

Fridays are for fun things.. sometimes stylish...sometimes pointless...So here goes. This Friday is for 10 Random Things.

1. Costco chickens are unusually large and that concerns me.

2. Long nails make me anxious. (On me! Not in general. Haha!)

3. Lovey and I are coming up on our 5 year anniversary! (Here's what we did last year.)

4. Song stuck in my head: "No you're never gonna get it... Ever ever gonna get it...Had your chance to make a change-aaa" -En Vogue. (Straight up 90s right there.)

5. I can't stop thinking about croissants.

6. Oh yeah! Almost forgot! Hello Summer! (Be gentle!)

7. My family members are so passive aggressive (Now you know where I get it!). Driving me nutso.

8. My birthday is coming up too. (You can wish me a happy birthday now, since I don't believe in posting my birth date online... Haha! I'm so weird sometimes!)

9. I'm going on a super magical trip next month (LORDWILLING!). Can't disclose much yet cause it's still in the works... But I'm  e x c i t e d !

10. See the frilly white shirt in the picture above? I got rid of it. I just couldn't make it work. 

Now you tell me something random.


  1. what? you totally made that shirt work!

    something random... I wanna eat my life away, but you probably knew that

  2. Well happy birthday! I've been thinking a lot of about croissants as well....what's that about?

  3. I can't stop thinking croissant too!!
    Riza of Pour L'instant

  4. I can't stop thinking about CRONUTS!! I want one sooo bad!

  5. well, best believe there will be a little message sent your way when birthday time finally arrives ;) oh hai J!!!!! it's been a few shakes since checking in so i'm stoked to see you out and about plus photographing up such amazing captures. wholly moz the shots you got of Melissa and her handsome one are incredible lades - bravo!

    you're looking cute as ever, i adore your beautiful smile! great randoms, i'm SO on board with family p&a, eeks!! the song i've had going around in my head for the past week is Hold On by those darling Wilson Phillips girls so at least we're in the same era. baha! wishing you lucks for the magical trip plans, do tell more when you can. thanks for the visit sweetness, you made my day! xo ♥

  6. I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! :( Happy belated birthday, beautiful lady!!! :) Yours is just 5 days before mine. ;) Yay June birthdays! And five years? You two are just a bundle of amazing, haha. Jason and I are about to hit up two years next Tuesday...Say whaaat? And I totally hear you about the passive aggressive thing. Unfortunately, that's how I am. Yikes!


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