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I found Sheryl's blog, Dollar Foolish. Closet Wise. via one of my most favorite blogs, Hearted Girl. Story of every blogger's life. I was immediately smitten by Sheryl's style, confidence, and overall classiness. I mean seriously? Does this girl ever have a hair that's out of place? Or eyeliner that's smudged? No way. Her fashion sense, hair, and makeup are flawless! Am I right? Anywho. Let give the mic over to Sheryl now..Cause she's one cool, fashionable lady.

Describe your style in 3 words.
romantic, casual, dressy.

What are your favorite online or offline shops to frequent?
My favorite stores to shop here in Vancouver would have to be BCBG and The Bay (downtown location only). I personally love shopping at department stores for the variety they carry, as well, their constant sales. Online, I like shopping at The Outnet, and U.S. department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks and Nordstrom’s.

Read any fashion blogs? If so, can you direct us to a few?
I’m always exposing myself to new ones, but a few of my go-tos are:


Do you have a celeb style crush?
Yes and I don’t care what people say, I love Kim Kardashian’s style. All three Kardashian’s really – they all have their own individual style, different from one another.

What inspires your style?

Bloggers, media campaigns and celebrities inspire my style. I used to believe that only certain body shapes could pull of certain styles, but I now believe that any one can wear anything – its all about styling ‘it’ to work for you.

How old were you when you finally were aware of “fashion”?
I remember as young kid picking out my own outfits for the day…and changing in and out of them as the day went on. By grade 3-4, I was pretty specific on the clothes and brands that I wanted my parents to buy me.

What's your go-to outfit?
Lately, my go to outfit has been colored skinny jeans, a casual tee paired with a statement necklace. Since this beginning of the year, I’ve also been trying my best to wear heels (do-able heels as in 2-3 inch ones) instead of relying on my flats so much.

Are there any trends that you just “don’t get” or dislike?
I don’t get nor like oversized crop tops. I don’t really get the message those are suppose to convey.

What’s your favorite season?
That’s an easy one – fall is my favorite season. I like the chunky knits, layers, boots and wool coats that come with it.

What are 3 items on your wishlist?

This is something that forever changes, but currently I’m lusting after:

1.    A neon clutch.

2.    Emerald green kitten heels.

3.    A perfect fitting pair of cigarette pants (in black).

Find Sheryl here:

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