Oranges & Friends

Do you have people in your life that are super thoughtful, kindhearted, and bring you oranges when you mention you have a cold? I do! And I'm blessed! Abundantly. I am graciously surrounded by people who are EXTREMELY thoughtful and considerate tender souls. They give with abandon, really listen, and have beautiful hearts. Unfortunately, I tend to take these people for granted. I'm a bad person, I know. But if I'm honest with myself (and you) I can say that I've never spoiled the people that spoil me. And there's something painfully wrong with that picture. Don't you think? I want to change that. I need to change that...


PS. My orange-giving amiga also made a chicken enchilada casserole so I wouldn't have to cook dinner tonight! WHAT???!! Who does that???!! (See what I mean? I'm a wretch!)


  1. for the first time in a while your posts are showing up on my Google friend connect! yahoo!!! :)

    Enjoy your casserole :)

  2. Finally your posts are showing up in my newsfeed!!!! I feel like I'm coming down with a bit of a cold, too. Either that or allergies. Hope you're feeling better soon! :)

  3. Hope your cold goes away quickly. We could ALL do a better job of spoiling the people in our lives. In fact, I think I'll write that on a post-it and leave it on the fridge: Spoil someone today!


  4. Hello from germany :) would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? if you like you can start and i'll follow you back waiting for your response <3

    Please like me on facebook

  5. you have some good friends.

    and don't beat yourself up, i think sometimes everyone can get into their own little world and forget to spoil those around us :)

  6. What a sweet friend! Such a blessing!
    And yay! I can subscribe in bloglovin now! :)


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