Roses & Music

Last week's events left me emotionally drained. First Boston and then Texas... And then the manhunt??? I was a wreck and glued to Twitter refreshing every 5 minutes for updates on everything. What a hard week it's been for all those affected by these tragedies! Simply reading about it is so overwhelming. I can't imagine actually living through it...

When the weekend finally rolled around I needed to unplug from the world for a while. I'm usually one to keep up with the news, but sometimes... It's too much. So instead I filled my weekend with roses and music. The roses I got from my yard...The music? From my mom and dad. There's really nothing better in the world than listening to music brimming with feeling, passion, and nostalgia. I listened to some of my parents' favorites. Boleros and old rancheras from a much simpler era. (Pedro Infante, Los Panchos, Julio Jaramillo, Jose Alfredo Jimenez) Ahh!! It was good for my soul.

Has the news been overwhelming you too? How do you handle it?


  1. Roses & Music...I LOVE IT! You are so right, my friend...there's not much better for refreshing your soul than those two things. I have been going to music a lot lately. I find that when I'm not quite feeling myself, music has a way of making me feel juuuuuuust right. Comfortable and happy and positive and GOOD all over! My favorite comfort music? The soundtrack to Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. Love love love it a hundred times over.

    I've been missing you, friend. And missing this lovely and cathartic activity...BLOGGING! I don't want to jinx it, but I think I'm back. ;) Lots of love my friend. xoxoxoxoxo!

  2. These photos are beautiful, and I totally agree with you that we all needed to take a bit of time to unwind after last week's insanity. I almost want to stop reading the news now because so much of it is tragic... I just heard when I got back home from work today that five people died in a shooting near my hometown. I started doing yoga recently and I find it such a good way to de-stress and cope with everything. And blogging of course is such good therapy!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 


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