Oh the little things!

As I mentioned last time, I've been busy and I've been sick.. I've also been sick of being busy...But that's another story...Anywho...Napping on my off days has been the highlight of my life the past 2 weeks. No joke. I live for naps! But thankfully naps aren't the only pleasure life has bestowed. Here's the simple things that have made me forget the busy-ness and sickishness as of late:

It hailed. It never hails. And if it does it only lasts about 30 seconds. Last week, the hail lasted about 3 minutes. And it was kind of a big deal. Made me super happy to go outside and be pelted for a few moments.
This is my new favorite, thirst quenching, springy snack... It was a happy accident... I literally dropped a grape in a plate that had lemon juice on it.... Being that it was my last grape...I couldn't just let it go.. So I ate it and it was AMAZING! Try it! Let me know what you think.
 I went to the library with Lovey this past weekend. I mostly napped while I was there...But in between sleeps, I liked to gaze at all the lovely old books. WOW! How many hands and minds have handled these you think?

What little things have made you happy lately?

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