New Reader?

(Yes, this is a repeated post)

Thanks for reading my jumbling and mumblings!!! You guys are grrrreat!

Mainly I'm writing this because I need a huge favor! So, as you may have learned, I usually follow any and all my new friends because I like to get to "know" everyone who reads my blog. However, that's been sort of difficult lately because A. I've been super busy with work and B. I've had a surge in new friends. (Wee!) No need to ask me to follow back... I'm all about it!

However, a lot of you have 2 blogs (and sometimes none linked to your GFC profile) and I can never quite figure out which one it is that you would like me to subscribe to. If you would be so kind (so so so kind) to send me a link in the comments (if I haven't already followed you back) of the blog you would like me to follow, I would greatly appreciate it!

I hope that makes sense! Thanks so much! And I hope your week is off to a good start!

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