I Hate Everything Today... Like thinking of a title for this blogpost. Ugh.

I hate...

- the bra I'm wearing.
- that Gatorade has a ton of sugar.
-that now I have a stomach bug on top of everything else.
-that Cheetoes are bad for me.
-our office door.
- that there's chocolate cake, mocha brownies, and cheesecake in the fridge and I can't eat it.
-these jeans I'm wearing.
-that I didn't have time to retouch my nails.
-chipped nail polish
-that I put on too much blush this morning.
-when people say, "Wow! You're hair is so long." every 10 seconds.
-that more people don't volunteer to clean my bathroom.
-when someone else does clean my bathroom, he or she does a horrible job.
-that I still haven't broken in my gold, sequin shoes.
-that Lovey hasn't texted me today.
-getting 5 email notifications and they end up just being junk.
-that no one else can do my job.
-being sick.
-that I can't call in sick to work.
-blogging slumps.
-that no one reads my blog anymore.. Haha! (Which is probably a good thing cause of this post.)
-that Google is shutting down GFC. Lame.
-cubed ice.
-that some people eat like caged hamsters and I need to vaccuum every time they are done eating.
-that I can't just walk away from messes like crumbs on the floor or dishes in the sink.
-when people litter.
-that I have to share a bathroom with our clients.
-that I have to work tomorrow.
-forgetting to wear a belt.
-that my wedding rings keep swirling around my finger and are not staying aligned.
-when paper towers get misaligned
-when people don't close doors behind them all the way.
-that one of our clients is bringing donuts on Monday and not today. Wah!
-that I'm going to have to switch to something like Bloglovin'
-the name Bloglovin'
-the phrase "hot mess"
-the word "hon" or "hun"

-And the thing I hate most? Feeling grumpy like this and hating everything. Ugh.


  1. hahaha i know that this was all about hate, but it was so funny haha love it & I was also hating everything today, pero ame este post.

  2. maybe listing some counteracting positive things might help you feel better :) feeling grumpy is NOT fun. Hope your weekend has improved!

  3. Oh I hear ya. Days like that are so miserable. Here's to hoping tomorrow will be brighter. :) Hugs to you dear girl!


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