A Haircut.

Have you ever rationalized that only a haircut would make you feel less under the weather? That cutting off a few inches would magically make your insides feel better? No? Well, I have. This morning, in fact. 20 minutes before work. Yup. I got out of the shower and thought that a haircut was thee best idea in the world... It just sounded good. So I argued with myself for about 30 seconds...And then I took out my husband's clippers and just went for it.
In retrospect, I think I would've cut more if I had time to add layers... But 5 inches is all I had guts to do.. which is a lot. My friend and stylist will just giggle when she finds out (I hope) and I'll explain that "I just had to, Val!" And then she'll fix it for me (I hope).

Do you ever get a haircut on pure impulse? If so, lets be friends.

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