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Oh guys... It does my heart well to have one of my favorite bloggers and friends, Ashley from Hudson's Happenings here today! I love Ashley's inspiring style and that's why she's this week's  styleLANE blogger. If you've never heard of this blog series, never fear! Basically, each week I feature a lovely lady with some retina-rockin' style. I ask a few questions. They share a few pictures. You fall in love! It's very simple really! Here's Ashley...

Bonjour to you beautiful perusers of Janette Lane! I'm Ashley, from Hudson's Happenings....nice to meet you! I am an Alabama mama to one beautiful baby boy that loves cheesy '80's movies, french music, coca-cola, blogging, and CLOTHES! Experimenting with fashion is something I really enjoy, so I find that my personal style is constantly evolving.
Style Lane Feature

Describe your style in 3 words.
Playful. Eclectic. Unpredictable.

What are your favorite online or offline shops to frequent?
Anthropologie. H&M. Urban Outfitters.

Style Lane Feature

Read any fashion blogs? If so, can you direct us to a few?
There are so many great ones. I always enjoy reading ZippedAmy Flying a Kite, Tasha Delrae, and Cara Loren.

Do you have a celeb style crush?
I have multiple celeb style crushes....I will forever love the classy quirkiness of Sarah Jessica Parker. I adore the playfulness of Zooey Deschanel. Blake Lively is the queen of cool. Katie Holmes' style is perfectly understated. And I am obsessed with how absolutely chic Princess Kate is. 

Style Lane Feature

What inspires your style?
I am inspired by the past, people I pass on the street, characters I see in movies and television, bloggers, and fashion magazines.

How old were you when you finally were aware of “fashion”?
Well, thanks to my mom, I started my love affair with fashion at a young age. Guess who was first voted "best dressed" in elementary school? Ha HA.

Style Lane Feature

What's your go-to outfit?
Currently: Skinny jeans, Lace-up combat boots, oversized button-down, and a little leather jacket.

Are there any trends that you just “don’t get” or dislike?
I strongly despise Uggs.

Style Lane Feature

What’s your favorite season?
I am an Autumn lover!!

What are 3 items on your wishlist?
An Audrey necklace from Ell and Emm, Flower-y pants from Anthro, and a pretty new purse!

Twitter // Blog // Instagram: @hotchild

If you haven't checked out Ashley's blog, please mosey on over and you'll be guaranteed to have your fill of awesomeness.

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PS. HTC One X+ giveaway winner will be notified today and announced tomorrow on the blog.


  1. Oh my. She is adorable!!

    P.S. Who won????

  2. Janette: you are a peach!! Thank you again for having me on Style Lane. I think it's an awesome series!!! I hope you have the happiest weekend. LOTS of love! xoxo

  3. Thanks for this post, just found a new blog to love!

    XO, Kelsey

  4. I love Ashley, she is so great. I love all of these looks but the last one I really like. I love the tights, the cute and funky. Thanks for having her as a guest, she is a lovely woman and a great mother. Take care and happy weekend,


  5. I was looking through your posts. I really like your blog. It has a very fresh feeling. And the last thing I got on the greatest sale is this vintage dress from Savers. Have you ever heard of Savers? It's a great place to thrift. The dress is a late seventies early eighties style. It's the cutest ever, I LOVE IT!!! :)


  6. Love Ashley's looks!!! I'd like to put her in my pocket and take her shopping with me!!!!

  7. I'm visiting from Ashley's blog, and this blog looks like a lot of fun! I always love how well Ashley puts outfits together, from the clothing to the accessories to the hair and make-up. It always reminds me how fashion challenged I am!! This is a great feature!


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