Life with Lovey: Deep Conversations

Another short weekend at the Lovey household. I worked, Lovey...schooled? We were together for the most part..But not really because on our down time I did chores, and he did homework... Not too exciting, eh? It was actually turning out to be quite a dull weekend...But then Lovey and I got to talking... talking. You're probably wondering, "Don't you talk to your husband on a regular basis?" And the answer is YES. Of course I talk to Lovey...But it's usually about our jobs, daily shenanigans, his school...general family drama... But this weekend we talked about stuff we hadn't talked about in a long time... Deep stuff. Our fears. Our goals. God's purpose for our life. Friendships. Family. Things we both know about each other but have never said outloud.

It. Was. Magical.

Sure, we were on the verge of tears a few times... And a lot of our topics of conversation were very depressing. Haha! But I guess the beautiful thing is that we shared our souls...And now we feel closer than ever.

So you could say I had a one of the best weekends ever...

How was yours?

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  1. Spending a "quiet" weekend at home is always perfect. Id love having those kind of weekends as well. ;)

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