InstaLately: 4 Outfits

If you follow me on IG (janettelaneblog), you know that I often post my work outfits. I know they aren't the best quality pictures...nor do I have the best fashion sense (I'm too poor to keep up on trends guys!)...But I like to document my wardrobe nonetheless. It's fun to look back on my personal style throughout the year. Also, I like to remember outfits for future use!

Interestingly, you'll notice that I've "toned down" the work attire a notch in respect to my usual pattern play. I work at a place where the majority of our clientele are octogenarians. No joke... And I've been on the receiving end of some unsolicited (and semi-rude) comments about my outfits. ("Stripes and plaid, huh?" "I don't understand the fashion nowadays.") I just brush it off cause old folks are... well.. old... And they obviously can't see that I am one stylish lady ;) Ha!

Do you guys ever get negative comments about your fashion sense?


  1. I think you always look cute and I'm in love with your heart tee in the third picture! I say wear what you wanna wear! :)

    star-crossed smile

  2. i love old people. my nany always looks at me, like down her nose and then says "that's an interesting outfit" hahah makes me laugh

    and i can't find you on bloglovin or get it to work :(

  3. My grandma used to always say things about my outfits. She hated it that I would wear boots with a dress, haha.

  4. I usually get "Are you wearing all the colors in the rainbow?" But it just makes me happy! Nothing better than a bright outfit!


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