4 Happy Things

Here are four things that have been making me happy lately (clockwise from the top):
Colorful Post Its: Work gets a little dull after..oh say... 5 minutes into the day...But these beauties are like energy drinks for me or something... Nothing like a splash of color to brighten up piles upon piles of paperwork!

Heart Pencils: Or heart ANYTHING. I love hearts! It even says so on my About Me section..so... you know...

Twinkle toes: I got these on sale ($4.58) at Target.. And I didn't think I would loove loove them..But guys! I loooooooooooooooove them.. I'm just staring at my feet all day at work...And they truly do add a spring to your step. Get some!

Alfalfa: I've had about 3 containers of alfalfa this past week. I can't get enough. I don't eat it by itself though. My favorite concoction is taking a toasted English muffin, topping it with Laughing Cow Herb flavor cheese, avocado, and heaps of alfalfa. It's magical!

What little things are making you happy this week?

PS. For more Instagrams and things I love to hate about my beloved social network, please visit Lily Garay's blog.. Today, I'm over there sharing 3 things I love and 3 things I don't love about IG. Take a looksie!

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