10 Best Fictional Couples

So I had a terrible night last night. I woke up at 3AM and couldn't fall back asleep.. Usually when this happens I fall asleep at 6AM and then wake up to go to work at 8..It works. But today, I had to drop off my mother-in-love at the bus station...so falling back asleep never happned... It's safe to say that today I'm grumpypants to the n-th degree... I want to whimper kind of... But I won't.. Ha!

Anywho! Don't want to be a Debby Downer forever, so I conjured up a happy post about my personal favorite fictional couples of all time! Mood changer, right? Plus, it kind of goes with love day n' all.... These characters toootally influenced my idea of love, chemistry, and romance. Aww!

1. I grew up watching I Love Lucy reruns...And in real life, Desi was a punk...But I like to think the show was their reality...
2. Kevin & Winnie...Ahh.. Young love. Kevin pined after Winnie forever, and they were on again off again forever... They're darling though!

3. Peanut butter & jelly... salt & pepper....Cory & Topanga. Boy Meets World was the best show ever! No questions asked! Is it on Netflix? (Can't wait for the Disney spinoff!)

4. Of course! Anakin & Padme... Since the beginning, you knew it was not going to end well...Yet, you rooted for them and hoped for the best.

5. Keely & Phil from Phil of the Future. Please tell me they're somewhere in the future married and happy!

6. Max & Liz of Roswell...I loved how Max was always so serious and quiet... It kind of creeped me out when he smiled.... And Liz? Well.. She was just the sweetest too...(Who loves how the series ended?)

7. Arnold & Helga... Helga reminded me of me when I was a kid... I was sooo evil to the boys I had crushes on..Haha!..I knew Arnold would come around ;)

8. My favorite Pride & Prejudice couple! These two are sooo MFEO!

9. Ray & Lily of RFR. Swish wish come true! These two had some really good chemistry.. And even though I was distracted by Ray's brows every time...He was a charmer...


10. Juan del Diablo & Monica. She was an ex-nun...He was practically a pirate... They were complete opposites, but they fell in love...(If you know who these two are...then we are BFFs. I'm not even kidding either.)

Honorable mentions: Tommy & Jude from Instant Star, Laura & Steve Urkel from Family Matters, Kelly & Zach from Saved by The Bell, Kat & Patrick from 10 Things I Hate About You, and Leah & Han from Star Wars

Who are your fave fictional couples??


  1. OMG Cory and Topanga! :)
    I love Ross and Rachel from Friends!


  2. Great list. I love Roswell's couple.

    Hoping from Aloha Friday to visit u.

  3. This is an adorable post! I just found you from Jean's post of blogs she loves. Oh. My. Goodness. So cute.

  4. i love that you included cory and topanga. best couple EVER. hahhha.

  5. Love this post! My favorites are Cory and Topanga (so glad you listed them) and Ross and Rachel from Friends! Stopping by from the Aloha Blog Hop. Happy Friday!

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