Weekend Afternoon Family Outing

Weekends are the very best. They're for sleeping in, being lazy, wearing pink robes past noon, and taking random trips to pretty little spots you pass during the week, but never stop to explore... On Sunday, Lovey and I went to a local downtown area with his brother and our nieces. We all frequently pass by this cutesy neighborhood in the to and fro of our normal work week...But we've never explored it much. And that's a shame cause it's AMAZING! Historic, quaint, yet modern and colorful... It's becoming one of our favorite places....
A nice neighborhood, adorable nieces, and yummy chili cheese fries? Is there anything better??

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  1. what a sweet way to capture an afternoon janette, i love these pictures so much :)


  2. I can not get over your photography lately! Your nieces look precious in that photo! So sweet!


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