Life with Lovey: San Diego Part 1

Lovey and I decided to take a last minute trip to one of our favored and beloved cities, San Diego. Guys! We c.a.n.n.o.t.  get enough of this place.(I would looove to live there some day!) This round was especially delightful because we ended up visiting places we'd never been before. Our first day there we explored Coronado Island and had lunch at a cute pub & grill.  After that we visited good n' faithful Old Town San Diego and had dinner and treats at a new restaurant. I know. Shocker! We didn't go to La Pinata as per yooj.

This short getaway was much needed! Pretty much it was Lovey and I's last free weekend until about May. Boo! But school and work obligations beckon and we're going to be super busy the next few months, Lordwilling... So until next time, San Diego! You will be missed!

What are your favorite places in San Diego? (If you've been...)


  1. I adore each and every photo! Your photography is blowing me away lately! Can I please roadtrip with you?!?! Can I? ;)
    Favorite favorite is the skyline with the boats. Next favorite is the pretty bunting.

  2. i loveeee san diego. and i love that it's just a few hours away.

  3. I love Coronado! My favorite place in Old Town is Harney sushi and I love The Living Room Cafe there too. I've been spending a bit more time exploring Pacific Beach lately and love it! You should go there next time if you haven't yet.

  4. So glad you enjoyed your visit to my hometown! I think you should totally move here and then we can be "real life" friends! I love Coronado and Old Town. I see you visited the Cigar shop :)


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