Rockstar Hairdo

A month ago, my best gal pal, Val gave me a hair cut.. And as she was chopping my locks, she arranged my hair in 4 sections that made this mohawk-fauxhawk hairdo... And me? Well, I fell in love. I was itching to try it..and I'm glad I got to satisfy that wacky whim....It only took me 2 minutes. (I think you can tell...Ha!) Kind of on the crazy side right?

Now if only I was a rockstar and had enough courage to go outdoors like this...Haha! So doubtful..But it was fun trying it.

Do you ever try out hairdos that you wouldn't wear outside??? Please tell me you do!

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  1. amazing hairdo!Do you want to follow each other on gfc and fb? Kiss from Norway!

  2. You totally should have run out into the world screaming "look at me! I'm a rockstar!"....and everyone would have been snapping pics like the paparazzi...because that hair is just THAT good. LOVE IT!!!!

  3. coolest hair-did ever!!!! you know when i was back in my punk rock days (the 80's) i had an actual 1/2 mohawk and wore the shizz out of it. i'm stoked whenever i see a resurgence of that spirited style. you've made it pretty and chic with this updo-esque version. why not go outdoors? i think you look amazing! xo ♥

  4. Cute! If I ever do a hairstyle I usually go out with it until someone says something negative then I take it out immediately and leave my hair loose :P Unless that day I feel like I don't care about what anyone says....

  5. Ummm! You look amazing! Do this for summer when it's super hot and no one cares if their hair looks bad or makeup runs. But for the record, I think you look awesome and should wear this look out!

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