New Phone: HTC One X

I was invited by HTC to be part of a group of bloggers to try out the HTC One X. #HTCOne #TroopOneX (Honestly, I thought it was a scam at first.) So far, it's been pretty amazing. Although the name, HTC1X reminds me a bit of a flu strain (Doesn't it?) Name aside, I'm excited about the camera. As in mostly excited about the camera. Guys, this thing boasts an 8mp camera, 2.0 aperature, 28mm lens, and HD video recording. It's impressive. I can see my pores for Pete's sake!! (Eww!)
I plan on doing some future photography posts (maybe even a vlog or two) solely using the HTC One X, so stay tuned.

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  1. Ohhh… ABSOlutely stunning!!!And you’ve got a gorgeous blog too!!!HAPPY 2013 dear!!!

    Check out my blog to discover the Marilyn Monroe of S.XIX --- I’ll be waiting for you!!! (We could followed each other by GFC, Bloglovin’ or Facebook

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  2. I got that phone for my birthday! I would love if you posted some sort of picture taking tips.. I still feel as though my husbands iphone 5 is MUCH better for picture taking. Especially in darker circumstances, are you experiencing the same problems?


  3. bahaha! this phone's camera reminds me of a prezzy Sean got me for xmas. it's a magnifying mirror and the thing rocks an 18xx zoom so the pores plus all that sits inside them (now that's a real ewww!) can be seen at all times. omg! well all that aside, it seems like you've got a super score on your hands. yah for another mobile device that stands up to a bloggers many test criteria! ♥

  4. Apparently.. your posts aren't showing up in my dashboard -- boo. :/

    IT LOOKS SO PRETTY! I MIGHT be getting a Samsung Stellar.. I want it to have a nice camera!


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