Life with Lovey: 1st Argument of 2013

Lovey and I rarely argue. We cherish our time together (which is sparse with our work schedules) and basically there's no time to argue. Oh but a few nights ago... We had time and plenty! Here's how the tiff started.

Before I begin, let me lay out the scenario. Lovey is an A+++ graduate student. This means he studies any time he's not working, sleeping, or eating. Since he studies so much, we spend time together by sitting next to each other on the couch... He-- with his books. Me --with my laptop, iPad, camera, and or phone.  It's a good arrangement. And when he takes a break, we talk, cuddle, or start a movie, etc. (At least we're together, right?)

OK. Now to the beef. So... when he was ready for a break, I wasn't and continued clicking away on my laptop (blogging of course). He then said, "I don't know why you spend so much time on your electronics. Why don't you start a hobby that doesn't involve your gadgets? Like drawing or reading." Of course I pointed out our study-time arrangement and also the fact that I draw and read on my iPad regularly (nonblog related). This went back and forth for a while ("Every time I see you, you're on your iPad...") and climaxed with raised voices ("You don't have to raise your voice..." "Yes. I do cause you're not hearing me!!") and ended with me going to bed (so passive agressive ova' hurr). So my question to you is this... Actually.. I have a few...

1. Do hobbies involving an iPad not count as real hobbies (reading, drawing, etc.)? (I think they do. It's so much easier than lugging out my drawing/painting supplies.)

2. Should you have regular hobbies that do not involve any electronic gadgets like crocheting, actual painting, etc.?

3. Have you ever had this argument with your significant other?

We have since talked and patched things up... We're in love and we never stay angry for long :-)


  1. I think it's a mixture.. you SHOULD have hobbies offline, and one's online for art, etc.. are okay. I find that getting offline gives me more inspiration. :)

  2. Being offline is so good for me personally. Less tempting to check social media and just be with my own thoughts. I crochet or journal or something. Sometimes I edit photos and don't let myself press that pesky Internet icon. Nothing more refreshing!


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