Lets Talk Shoes...

Lets talk shoes. As in, I bought some...And by "some" I mean more than 3 pairs...but less than 10....So... That's considered "a few"... Right?

I honestly don't own that many pairs of shoes. In fact, Lovey and I share a shoe rack. It's 3 tiers. About 3 feet by 3 feet. Shocked? Don't be. I make up for my lack in scarves. I loooove scarves!

Anywho. My shoe shopping spree started innocently enough. I needed to replace my animal print flats that died a few months ago (Remember those?) Well, I found these babies at Wet Seal..and then I clicked on this pretty red button that said, "SALE... Buy one get one 50% off." (The sale might still be on.) And the rest is history... I scored 2 flats for $7.50 each! And the boots? $15!! Am I good or am I good???

Now I'm off to figure out how to dress in these beige boots... I've never owned beige boots before. Kind of excited!

What's the last thing you got at an amazing sale?

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  1. I need the animal print ones. Now.

  2. shooooes-ensations! oh Janette, i am loving the gif and your many darling footsies feature. i think your shoe budget blows my weekly latte one right out of the water. humpf, where can i find deals like this?! well done lades, i super love wet seal. their stuff is cheap, cheerful and actually really well made! cheers to happy feets. ♥

  3. you're AHDORABLE!!! I got a pair of Frye boots, (and I didn't even know what they were LOL) for 119$ normally 385$ sweet deal eh?!

  4. Best sale is when I went to Kohl's and got a $38 shirt for $2.85 ;)

  5. Dang girl! Yes, you are good. I want every single pair you bought. :)

  6. Such good deals! And I adore the gif you've created!!!

    Ellie | Ellalogy


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