Janette's 13 Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year folks! And hello 2013! To kick off this odd numbered year, I've decided to share my 13 new year resolutions. Lets be honest, I hardly make a dent in these...(See?) But I do like dreaming these up!

1. Pray & read the Bible everyday.
2. Finish what I start (books, blog designs, projects, etc.)!!!
3. Draw & photograph daily.
4. Call, Skype, and visit my family more often.
5.Take my vitamins everyday!
6. Work on my posture.
7. Save more moola.
8. Visit a new place.
9. Save sweets for the weekend (stolen from Gentri).
10. Cut back on soda (stolen from Deidre).
11. Manage my time better at work.
12. Take more walks.
13. Have twins boys (a girl can dream, right?)!

What's your #1 Resolution?


  1. k how cute is your new blog?! im obsessed! i am back to blogging and im glad i found yours again! xoxo

  2. I have some similar ones. I want to take at least one picture every day, eat healthier (I think I'll have a food cheat day). I've been debating whether to post my resolutions. I guess they are fun to look back on :)

  3. Love your resolution list! That last one made me giggle. You'd be adorable with twin boys!

  4. Dude. All yours are so good.. Mine are mostly just trying to do better in school and eat less candy. hah


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