Hot Coco Choco

I've been trying to cut back on my dairy consumption...mostly by not purchasing milk. I thought it would be harder, but with all the milk alternatives out there, I've hardly missed it. From all the milk substitutes I've tried (soy, rice, almond, etc), coconut milk is my favorite. With cereal, or in a smoothie, I just can't get enough!!! Hence the creation of Hot Coco Choco (Say it 10x fast!)
Honestly? I think it's better than the milk based hot cocoas. It seems a lot creamier to me for some reason (or it could've been the whipped cream..Hmm...) And yes, it's perfectly safe to warm up coconut milk(according to Google). Here's how to make it...

-Boil a mug's worth of coconut milk (try to turn it off as soon as it boils) in a small pot.
-Pour the hot coconut milk back in your mug (this ain't rocket science, folks)
-Squirt some chocolate syrup to taste or pour in one of those hot cocoa packets (if you happen to live in a home where those last longer than a week)
-Stir it up.
-Top with a Mt. Everest-like whipped cream swirly peak of joy.

Yum, right? Now you can't say I never wrote anything life changing 'round here.


  1. Yummmmm :) I love coconut milk and almond milk - tastier than dairy i think :0 x

  2. Oh.....yum. I love coconut anything and I live for a good hot chocolate. Why has this dream concoction not been marketed before!!? I wish I could get coconut milk out here in South K though :((


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