Happy Old Year!

Nobody says, "Happy Old Year" on New Year's Eve...But they should cause the world didn't end... And it was indeed a Happy Old Year for the Lovey household...Celebrate 2012 ? I'm all about it! Celebrate the new year? I'm a little hesitant. Honestly? I usually don't do well on NYE. I tend to have pervading thoughts of doom and gloom about the upcoming year that usually go something like this, "This next year could be the year that________________" (fill in the blank with something tragic, heartbreaking, and opposite of happy). Never fails. But 2013 sort of snuck up on me...And I hardly had time to think these negative notions.

Lovey and I went to my sister's house and we had a small bash that involved heaps of food, dancing, and as my mom refers to it, "teriyaki" (karaoke). So yeah...I missed the countdown because I was teriyaking to Selena (Q.) The last thing I did in 2012 (and the first of 2013) was sing off key to Lovey about how I'm poor and the love I give him is better than riches (Amor Prohibido). A good way to kick off '13, right?

This is what the last days of 2012 looked like around here...
Nice weather. Good food. Bonfires...and lots of Lovey...Yup. Happy Old Year to me!


  1. Sounds like a fun new years eve. For some reason I love new years and see it as a chance for new beginnings. Happy Friday!

  2. Sounds like fun! Happy New Year, sweetie!
    Hugs xxx

  3. what's the ocasion of the change?

  4. Hope you had a happy "old" year! I'm ready for 2013!

  5. yayyy. no doom and gloom in 2013. it's practically impossible when the year starts with karaoke and a cupcake, right?

  6. It certainly looks like you ended 2012 in style. Here's to lots more fabulous-ness in 2013!

  7. I had to come see your new lay out, i love it hon! Happy New year and cheers to new beginnings, love your pics!


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