Twinkle. Twinkle.

Lovey and I had been meaning to take a nighttime walk near our neighborhood... since Thanksgiving... Holding hands in the glow of some twinklies?!! Pure magic! However I was kind of bummed because everyone in our city decided to take the same walk that night. Or so it seemed... Couldn't even sneak in a good kiss cause there were kiddos every where! Haha! Oh well. Maybe we should go on a weeknight next time... Nothing like a good winter kiss to keep your insides warm!


  1. Pretty lights! These pictures are so lovely, nothing like some twinkling lights to make you feel festive and glowy ^_^

  2. we went for a walk on christmas day to see the lights--no kiss for us either as all my in-laws were with us

  3. Such pretty pictures of pretty lights! I especially like the first two!


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