My Weekend (the Uncreepy Version)

I would like to clarify that I did not just take creepy, Blair-Witch, tree pictures this past weekend! In fact, I did the opposite of creepy. I did un-creepy to max! I actually spent the weekend with my sister because Lovey was out of town. And what did we do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We lounged. We ate. We watched Hoarders. We watched Frequency. We ate some more. It was glorious!

Here's some snippets from when I took a 3 minute walk around her neighborhood....

Cutest German Shepherd puppy ever right????!!

PS. These were taken with my Kodak. Remember I used to have a photography series about just using a point and shoot camera to capture my life??


  1. I WANT ANY CAMERA YOU HAVE. Anything will doooooo.

  2. Love spending time with family and doing NOTHING! It's the best!

  3. But I loved the Blair Witch Project photos! These are cute too :) Hoarders is my guilty pleasure....enough said

  4. Adorable puppy!!! Sounds like a good weekend to me :) I love both sets of photos!!!

    xx Ellie 

  5. ADORABLE! ♥ Love the photos :)

    new follower here!

  6. Totally correct. That puppy is super cute!


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