Janette's Winter Must Dos

I like To-Do Lists. Even if I don't really complete them..I still like conjuring these up. Take a looksie at my winter must dos!

Now as I'm looking at this list, a lot of these things were inspired by Cara-Mia of I Typed For Miles. Maybe cause I was reading her blog right before I wrote this???
Here's my Fall Must Dos list.. I think I did better than my summer list.

What's  #1 on your winter must do list? Don't say build a snowman every day because I'll be so jealous....


  1. don't forget the christmas lights! I need to take little Luke to go see some brightly lit houses!

  2. Add peppermint to your white mocha (if you like it). That's my favorite!

  3. I'll gladly tackle #1 and #3 with you, and then if you can pass on the successful recipes from #5 I'd be forever grateful. I'll give you an awesome recipe for #6, and I love Julian, we picked apples there a couple of falls ago. They have the cutest town!

  4. first time visiting your blog ... love your winter list, especially #1. I made my own pie crust for the first time this year and I felt so accomplished afterwards :)


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