Janette's Day Off

I texted my boss Christmas night and this is what I said, "Are we working tomorrow? I can't remember?" The reply? "No, but I will be for just a minute... Merry Something!" (Best boss ever!)

A weekday all to myself to do whatever I please?? Much needed! I was so excited I woke up at 7AM! And by 8 (usually the time I get ready for work) I had already put a load of laundry in,  cleaned out my closet for donations, and organized my sock drawer (Don't you know a new blog changes everything??)

I was so motivated...Shocking. I know. Usually I'm the laziest bean ever! But I wanted to make the most of my day...And I did so by doing a ton of laundry, cleaning out bathroom drawers, organizing closets, and ironing a huge pile of Lovey's clothes. Don't even say I don't know how to have fun.
Such a productive day! But it wasn't all work. I also watched a movie while I enjoyed my lunch, beef tamales (made by my madre). Amazing!

 I also took an hour to do nothing. I sat on my couch in the shadow of my snowflakes and savored one of my last days off.
I also savored the last two Candy Cane Kisses of the season... Yum!

What do you do on your day off?


  1. I tried subscribing to your new blog feed and I can't find it.

  2. Yay for a day off! you deserve it. On my days off I usually sleep in and wake up without an alarm. watch some TV be lazy :)

  3. I LOVE your new blog! Sounds like a good day off... relaxed days off are the best! I always have to do laundry on my days off because I procrastinate throughout the week! :)

  4. Ah, I have been at home for one whole week and it feels amazing to just unwind and not having to deal with any schedule pressure! xxx

  5. We definitely relaxed and enjoyed the day off yesterday. We explored a new neighborhood for a bit then sat in a cafe sipping hot chocolate and reading. Since it was a lazy day, we ordered Indian food for dinner instead of cooking!

  6. yay! i love the new blog. i didn't have the day off. boo. but we relaxed during the day and then went to work in the afternoon. :)


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