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I guess sometimes, with blogging, you can write endless posts about stuff without ever saying anything substantial. You can be private, even with such a thing as a public blog. I don't like disclosing too much personal information here because there are some crazies out there .. and or people who I don't want to indulge with information I deem valuable. With that said, let me give you somewhat of an update on what I've been up to...

Work is work. And it's busy, hectic, and sometimes haywire (pictured). Mostly I've been dreading longer days because I've been feeling under the weather(pictured). Which translates to me making easy dinners like Boboli pizzas (pictured). Yum-O! So I guess it's not so bad...Ha!

Besides work, it's been a busy time with friends and family, because of the holidays... which honestly, are kind of iffy in the Lovey household. It's a super awkward time for Lovey and I because we don't celebrate Christmas (not gonna go into the details on that). Unfortunately, people tend to treat us like we're freakoids because we choose not to participate in a lot of things. They think we're missing out on life or something...Which is fine. People are entitled to their opinions, but let me make it perfectly  c l e a r ... My life is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing! (By God's grace!) I don't need to observe a day to make me happier or more fulfilled. Honestly. Haha! Now I sound like a Christmas scrooge. (I'm not.) People can do and celebrate what they want, as long as they allow me to celebrate what I want(without judgment and furrowed brows sent my direction). Does that make sense?

So besides all that awkwardness, things are peachy keen. I'm looking forward to Lovey having a small break from school and being home with me every evening... I'm also looking forward to revamping and gearing this blogspace in a new direction...Perhaps even a new blog name... Who knows??

What about you? How are you doing? What's new? Tell me!

P.S. Bahh! I realized too late that I had a duplicate picture. Sorry. I must subconciously ADORE that outfit I'm wearing.. Haha!


  1. Love your view of things and your honesty - and let me just tell you, you look totally gorgeous even when you're feeling under the weather! Hugs xxx

  2. It can be so hard when there are different views on holidays this time of year! I admire you for standing up for what you believe in friend! And please get well soon!

  3. Pizza is always a good choice... always! That outfit is cute. I hope the awkward goes away.


    ... I realized I always type my comments in caps lock on here.. Because duh, I'm always mad.
    Ever find my page on FB?!

  5. I love Christmas, I really do, and I would miss it if we didn't celebrate it, but I'm okay with people not celebrating it, I have a friend who doesn't and I find her perfectly normal ! So you're not a freak to me ! And you look beautiful, as usual ! A new blog name ? I like this one (probably because of the French touch lol), but change can be good !

  6. i think i might try and revamp my blog in the new year but i have no html knowledge so we shall see how that goes--prob not very well.

    all that is new with me is the whole new baby thing or though that answer is probably getting a bit old now. oh and i am behing on the whole christmas shopping and have no desire to finish it--oh well will have to brave the crowds and hopefully some gift inspiration will arive :)

  7. how could you not adore that outfit? it's fab. :)


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