Janette the Crappy Crafter

What. Is. Up. With. Me? I used to like crafting. A LOT. I used to paint neon chevron stripes on my heels in 2002, make skirts for days, go through bottles of mod podge in a frenzied flash...But now? I've gotten so lazy. I refuse to undertake projects that are time consuming (which, I admit, is probably part of the problem). DIYs with more than 5 steps?? Forget it! I got the idea for this votive candle holder from Pinterest. Except I got ambitious and wanted to make the Jerusalem skyline. It was going smoothly until I realized the paint I had was more of a glitter finish and too opaque. So lame. Needless to say, the finished result was....


Not going to show you the AFTER cause it's too embarassing. But basically, when I peeled off the stencil, all the paint came off of it. Jerusalem skyline? More like Jerusalem after a major earthquake or alien invasion..Or possibly both...Urgh! I know. I know. You probably wanted to see that picture. But no, let me keep my dignity.

I'm going to try again with a darker paint. But who knows. I may get lazy. (Story of my life!)


  1. Love the idea though! And I don't think it looks awful at all!

  2. I am NOT crafty. I despise crafting.

  3. bahahahh the idea was awesome, though! Sorry it didn't work out :/
    your photos are the best part!

  4. oh no! great idea though.... what is it with getting really excited about crafting something amazing and it being the biggest disappointment ever?! definitely feel your pain. next time it will turn out perfect ;) heartandthrift.blogspot.com

  5. Bummer! Don't give up though! Your stencils are so cute! I know they would be really neat votives with the right color!


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