Janette the Couch Potato

This weekend I did nothing. As in absolutely nothing. I've been feeling under the weather lately and my body and mind needed a maaajor time out. I was craving a day of jammies, napping, eating, reading, and Netflix. And so it was. I literally lounged on my couch. All. Day. The little diagram below is super accurate (not even kidding). This was my life on Saturday:

In retrospect, I think some of it had to do with the tragedy in Newtown. I just wasn't in the mood for anything...Oh yeah, and Saturday night began the last day of Hanukkah too...But we didn't do anything special.
Sunday was the opposite of Saturday. I cleaned, cooked, organized my pantry, went grocery shopping, ironed, ironed, ironed, and caught up on some emails and other miscellany. And I was in bed by 8:00PM completely pooped. Wow. What a difference a day makes... Hope you all had a pleasant weekend!


  1. Sometimes you just need a mental break. Good for you! I think my son thinks I'm a little crazy, I think I hugged and kissed him a little too many times this weekend.

  2. Well my weekend was pretty much the opposite of yours : Saturday was running all around for shopping and last Christmas presents and an early Christmas party until 2 a.m., whereas Sunday was like sleepwalking all day between the couch, the TV, the loo, the table and so on... See ? The reverse !
    (But no cleaning lol !)

  3. Your weekend sounds a lot like mine, except switch around Saturday and Sunday. I literally did nothing after work Friday and all day Sunday except sleep and eat every 12 hours or so.

    Get well girl!

  4. Hey! In reply to your question on my blog, the mints should be refrigerated because if they aren't they get really soft, but they could be okay for about
    30 min to an hour. :)

  5. Sometimes lazy days are so needed! Hope you got some rest lady! :)

  6. i need a quiet weekend just to get on top of everything but i am not going to get one, so am looking forward to relaxing post christmas :)


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