Janette the Almost-Winter Lover

Sometimes I forget it's not winter yet... It's been chilly and delicious and I'm savoring E.V.E.R.Y minute! I've also winterized my home (Well...almost finished winterizing) and it definitely adds to the coziness factor.  So my almost-winter evenings have consisted of warm drinks (Chai Latte pictured below) and babysitting my beloved nieces. Could life be any sweeter? I'm sooo thankful. God is good.

More winterization pics to come! (You know I went crazy with the snowflakes again!) Here's last year's decor for you prettypies that didn't know me then...

PS. Chester is the first stuffed animal Lovey bought me while we were dating. Aww!


  1. So much cuteness...Chester, nieces, winterized home...love it all! I hope you are doing well, sweet friend. I've been on a bit of a bloggy break for a while, but I'm enjoying our Words with Friends game. :) Happy (almost) Winter!!

  2. Awwwh that's so cute you keep Chester -- brings back memories I bet! (:
    Your house looks so festive!

  3. fairy lights make everything feel more cosy :)

  4. Cute, I love the lights. I need to do something like this for the hoildays!

  5. Can't wait to see more pictures! Also, ever since you posted that chai latte on instagram I've been craving one! It looks too dang good (;


  6. Love your festive home! I'm thinking I need Christmas lights in our bedroom!

  7. Your refrigerator makes me laugh! It's so cute! And I love the christmas lights over your bed. What a beautiful idea.


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