Janette the Stylus Writer Failer Drawer Attempter. Ugh.

Ok. So. I got a stylus pen for my iPad. And...well... It's the best... And not, at the same time. I'm having the hardest time..
 Here take a look:
Somehow I feel I'd have an easier time writing with a piece of string cheese... My writing is soo sloppy! Must practice more!
Ok..I've decided the jury is still out on the stylus pen... Do any of you have one and can you share any tricks?


  1. Aww I'm sorry you're having a tough time with your stylus... I'm playing with the idea of getting some kind of tablet. I have friends rooting for both teams (apple vs. android). What are your thoughts on the ipad so far?

  2. I still thank its awesome!!! You should draw you for your own design :)

  3. Hahaha your so cute! And that flower is SO impressive.

  4. I actually have that same exact pen and I use it....never! One thing I found helpful is when the writing app has wrist guard protection so you can rest your wrist on the pad without making marks. That flower is so pretty!

  5. Well I think your handwriting looks pretty good! I bet it just takes tons of practice! And that flower is so gorgeous!


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