Janette the Desert Wanderer

Remember my Summer Must Do List? I mentioned I wanted to go to the desert...But it never happened. However since Fall started, I've been to the desert twice (once a few weeks ago and another this past weekend). Lovey and I went with his dad, brother, and our nieces to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree for a relaxing overnight trip under the sun... It had the makings of a nice time.. But honestly.. it wasn't that great... No wait. It was great... Actually, it was 50-50.... Here's some highlights and lowlights so you can see what I mean...
Lowlight: Our destination is only 1.5 hours away from our home. We left at 9AM and arrived at 3PM. Do the math. 
Highlight: Getting to sit next to Lovey for hours on end.

Lowlight: My father-in-law made plans to run errands (unbeknownst to us) since "we were in the area" including a visit to Uncle Vinny's. (Take that as you will...)
Highlight: He graciously and generously blessed us throughout the trip to make up for it. He paid for everything! What. A. GUY!

Lowlight: The place we were intending to go (Palm Springs Aerial Tramway) was PACKED!! So we left and went to Joshua Tree National Park (ie more driving).
Highlight: Joshua Tree National Park.

Lowlight: Lovey and his dad arguing politics for miles. (Do the words "family vacay" mean nothing?) Haha!
Highlight: Getting to listen to some cool tracks during this time. Praise God for headphones!

Lowlight: Sitting in the middle seat next to my three year old niece who kept whining and complaining that my elbow was touching her carseat armrest.
Highlight: Playing road trip games with my nieces.

Lowlight: Hiked a mile to see a lake... Except it was dried up.... Stinkin' desert.
Highlight: Saw this instead...WOW! (And the picture doesn't even do it justice)

Lowlight: Went to a place where we were standing about 20 feet from the San Andreas Fault.
Highlight: Went to a place where we were  standing about 20 feet from the San Andreas Fault.

Lowlight: Freezing and underdressed while we were on the top of this one mountain.
Highlight: The view and Lovey holding me close to keep me warm. (Pictured below: Salton Sea-Mexican Border-San Andreas Fault-Palm Springs!!!)

See? 50-50! But you know what? I'm just going to focus on the good stuff...Cause aside from Uncle Vinny's, everything else was tolerable or amazing! I'm blessed!


  1. I like your attitude about just focusing on the positives. Looks like it was a great weekend, despite the lowlights. :)

  2. those desert hills. glorious. i need to get my ass out to palm springs.

  3. BAHAHA. YOU.. are so photogenic!


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