Janette the College Campus Photographer

One time, on our way to church, Lovey and I (and a few friends) got wildly and sadly lost (freeway detour). We ended up circling this beautiful college campus somewhere off the 210. That day, I secretly promised myself I'd return for a photo shoot. The college turned out to be several colleges....As in Claremont Colleges. Such snazzy buildings! A perfect backdrop for a maternity shoot this past Sunday. I only ventured to one area and it rocked my retinas. Like...earthquake rockin'. It was INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to go back for another shoot or on a date with Lovey! Gotta talk to my clients to see if they'll let me share some of their shots... Oh la la!

If you've never gone to a college campus on a Sunday..you should. And take a picnic...Cause it's empty, quiet, and GORGEOUS!

PS. Come back Friday amigas! I'm doing a $20 gift card giveaway! WOOOO!


  1. Friday. I shall be here. Also, I do not want to go to a college.. Not even on a Sunday.
    Not when fall break's beckoning me..

  2. So pretty, I hear there is a really pretty college campus just up the street from me, but we have yet to go. You have inspired me!

  3. These are so beautiful! I love the Claremont Colleges :)

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 


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