Janette and the Amazing Week

Ok.. So last week was amaze-ING! And this past weekend too... Like wow! I don't even know where to begin!

-Yes. I got one! It was a gift and a TOTAL surprise! I thought it was some promotional item... but no. It was a stinking iPad! WHAT?!!! Last thing on my mind! For real!

- I had a shoot at Disneyland! So much fun! But ohhhh soooo tiring! And my feetsies are still sore. Ow! But I'm proud of Lovey and I. We got there at 8:30PM and stayed until 10PM!!!! Not bad, eh? It was magical! I'm even more impressed that we only bought 2 turkey legs, 2 sodas, and 2 waters. The whole day. Where did our appetite go??!!!

World of Color
-This show.... Hmm ... I was skeptical! But DUDE! Guys! My retinas were rocked and rolled and     re-rocked 20 fold! That show is a must see! And the best part was that we were standing next to a comedian... He had me and Lovey roaring!! These are three things I remember him saying...

When the Brave soundtrack came on....."What?!! No way! I'm downloading that song RIGHT now! I'm playing this track at my wedding.. and my funeral.."

When the whole lake was lit up with fire....."Wow! I felt that fire in my face and I'm not even in a kitchen.."

At the last song...."Now what's this little number??"

What the? Who was that guy????

Vinegar/Dawn Soap Cleaning Mix
- AKA Elixir of life and glorious splendor! My bathtub is SPARKLING!!!! Here's the directions to make it.

-I get sooo happy when I'm able to give my friends cool stuff on my blog... Have you checked out my most recent and decent giveaway??!! A chance to win a $20 shop credit! Woo!!!
Yeah. I'm not sure what to say after all that... How about you say something in the comments below? ;-)


  1. I'm so jealous you got to do a shoot at Disneyland! Sounds like it was as fun as I imagine it would be!

    Also, polka dot nails + polka dot ipad = awesome.

  2. The Brave soundtrack is AMAZING, right?! I feel in love the minute they came on during the movie and have been listening ever since. :) I'm so jealous that you got to go to Disneyland. I haven't been in YEARS and I used to work at Disney World.

  3. Your week seems... AMAZING!
    I'm going to Disney this weekend!!

  4. I love it. I love it all!!! The amazing weekend is correct.

  5. congrats on the iPad! Omg...I've seen World of Color twice now and it is Ammaaazing! I'm planning on going to Disneyland in the next few weeks because I've always wanted to go during the holiday season. do they have it decorated really pretty?

  6. are you becoming famous on us??? <3

  7. I love your polka dotted nails ! I wish I could go to Disney right now :( lucky you !

  8. I'm in Florida...so I love Disney World! :)
    How in the world did you win an iPad?! I think I heard someone else win one too!

    Too freaking cool....and hecks yah...thumbs up (and toes up) for the good week and weekend!



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