This Weekend

Sometimes I get lazy with documenting my weekend via photographs... Especially when it was mostly uneventful. Hence, my weekend diagram below... Follow the green arrow to get an idea of how things unfolded:
This Weekend
I should add that on Sunday I went on a fantastic hike/walk with Lovey near our home. Mansions, 360 degree views, hills, haze, sun, smoggy views of LA.. It was heavenly!

So did you have a good weekend?? HOPE SO!


  1. Yours sounds wonderful! Mine was crummy. ):

    And in response to your comment on my blooog, yeah.. you really should watch the other movies to fully understand the Avengers. Especially watch Thor, and Captain America!! MY TWO LOVES :D <3 hehe

  2. I don't know why but I go through ups and downs with taking pictures. This weekend was pretty packed but I took barely any pictures. One thing of note: I went to my first ever football game!

  3. Hello Janette! Just in case you didn't see the reply, I added a way to follow my blog. YAY!

    And by the way, your weekend sounds quite relaxing. :)

  4. omg Janette, i love the weekend flow chart idea!!! so awesome and looks to me an incredibly chillaxin' way to be too :) my initial reaction goes something like this "GIMME SOME O' THAT!" sometimes you just wanna be in the moment and not clicking photos of it, i hear that. hey, thanks for awesome visits, loved your comment fiesta. i felt like i'd been given max loving, it was greatest. ♥

    pea ess: yah, you gotta dig up that Vegas Star Trek pic - i'd die to see it! xo

  5. haha easiest to read blog post ever.
    I now want to eat a burger on my recliner. Thanks.

  6. i am getting so lazy at getting my camera out at the weekends too--really need to put more effort in, but to be honest there isn't much to photograph :)


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