Putting My Shoes To Sleep


These are my beloved shoesies…Replacements for my animal print wedges that died late last year. I’d been looking for a new pair, but the print was never quite right. Always in the wrong color. And never “animaly” enough. I saw these beauties when they first came out at Target...But $ 14.99 sounded steep. Then a few weeks later (When toilet paper wasn’t on my shopping list… Priorities people! Priorities!), they were on sale for $12.99. (Doesn’t that sound sooo much better?) I grabbed a size 10 and wore them every day. I was a happy camper…for about an hour. Unfortunately they hurt like heck on wheels. But I attributed that to first-week-wear. So I kept wearing and still, nothing... nothing but pain.
They didn’t fit...
I attributed it to the lame elastic at the back of the shoe and thought about removing it somehow. Nobody likes elastic on shoes. (Seriously. No one.) But since I’m not a shoe cobbler, I trimmed my toe nails instead (Eww!) And still nothing. I gave them more time and I stretched them with my man hands and even turned them inside out (Don’t ask how I did that cause I’m not even sure…) And still…

So today, I’m stepping out of my den of denial, and declaring them dead.  (Like how I did that?) I’m taking them out for their final run…err..walk. I’m taking them to their fave restaurant (Souplantation) for lunch, and for one last stroll through the grocery store. This evening, when I get home, they’re going in the Donation pile (where they were for about 3 days, 3 weeks ago, before I changed my mind and gave them another chance.) Farewell my pretties. You were perfect in theory. And I hope you make someone else happy.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Rereading this post, I wish this was all metaphoric cause I sound shallow bemoaning a pair of shoes. But I allow myself a shallow post every so often ;-) And if I really think about it.. It is metaphoric :-P


  1. OH I feel so sad for you. I have a pair of shoes like that, yet I have yet to put them in the donate pile...

  2. I have unfortunately done this before. Wanting a pair of shoes so badly only to find after I bought them that they were uncomfortable and not worth the money. I hate being putting rarely worn shoes in the donating pile. But what can you do?

  3. leopard shoes are my go-to! there is nothing better than a pair of animal skin flats. I wish you luck in finding another pair, no woman should be without.

    Love, The Skinnys

  4. oh that is terrible. nothing is worse when you find totally awesome shoes that seem totally awesome at the time and then totally suck when you get them home and wear them. i've begrudgingly donated many pairs of "good" shoes to people and piles due to the unwearability of them.

    and sadly right now, i'm feeling that way about a super cute pair of ballet flats. but i'm still convincing myself and blaming it on pregnancy.

  5. Haha! Ohmygoodness! This post cracked me up! I didn't know shoes could have a favorite restaurant, but you've made me a believer! ;)

  6. hahaha! Oh no!! Well, I am LOVING my new pair of leopard print wedges, but they were a bit more than $12... If you want, I'll tell you where to get them. :)

  7. I hate when I find a pair of shoes that I love and should be my size turn out not to be. Sad day!

    Lily-thinking thoughts

  8. Oh...darling, I feel your pain. I really do. I have the same pair of shoes from Target! I really wanted to start some kind of animal print in my closet. I had a slight feeling that the stooopid elastic on the heel would stretch out. Yeah, I even bought them half a size bigger. Somehow, they still push my toes to the front and I end up in pain. My toes and my heels. They've had enough. I still want to give mine a chance. I even bought an additional pair in royal blue. They are still hanging there with the tags on. Maybe I should just return them...waahhhhwahh

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  9. I love those same shoes form Target - but every time I try them on they feel like they will hurt. Darn it!!

  10. i have had so many shoes like that and i still have a couple of pairs like my gold ballet flat--they will be comfortable even though they made me bleed. don't think the charity shop would want them now, blood doesn't really sell does it ;)

  11. I bought those same shoes and they hurt me like crazy too!! I just fold the heel down and wear them like slippers :/ Bummer!!

  12. Oh the donation pile! I have two rope-handeled shopping bags I use for my donation pile. I just added a pair of silver wedge/flats (it's like a 1 inch wedge and mostly just lame and old-lady like) in the pile just on Monday - I've had them forever, they never really fit right, and they made my feet hurt. I say it's time for us to stop torturing ourselves! Shoes that fit for everyone! =)


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