Lovelinks: The "It's Been A While" Edition

Remember when I was a good blogger and shared internet goodies with you? I do! Vaguely. Lets resurrect this old blog series, shall we?

1. Seriously. Especially puppies. Sometimes I have to fight the urge to pull over. You think I'm lying. (source)

2. There is something so peaceful about this. I could stare at it for hours...

3. Someday I'll have a nice gallery wall... Yeah right.

4. I would like to see an animal print kind too... (source)

5. The good ol' days of Myspace!

6. This space rocks my retinas.

7. I love the colors of these outfits! WOW!

8. Garden lasagna? YUM!

9. This is the only camera I need to complete my collection!

10. 3 words... Pumpkin waffles!

Feliz Friday friends! And have a happy weekend!


  1. Ah, I want that camera!!! My vintage camera collection is off to a pathetic start...

  2. girl... amazing & inspiring!

  3. ohemgee.... your first one reminded me of Cruella Deville... "The puppys dahling THE PUPPYS!!!"


    and I miss myspace. seriously. maybe ill bring it back!


  4. ugh... bringing***

  5. I really want a gallery wall as well!
    And that camera...ah...lovely! xxx

  6. 'Rocks my retinas' might be my new favorite phrase. Using that all the time now! I love all of these.

    <3 Melissa

  7. I'd love to try some pumpkin waffles! Over here in Germany they don't have ANYTHING with pumpkin spice....People here are just not in to it...and I will never understand why :(

    Love the shoe print and that lasagna looks sooo delicious! :)

  8. awesome collection of photos, fun/creative and colorful! love the post

    want to follow each other? :)

  9. I love all the photosss
    I really like ur blog wanna follow each other? let me know :)

    BTW ur pretty i like ur style u seem to have a pretty good taste :)

  10. yah, happy link party styles!!! love these Janette, the puppeh petting one especially much. i feel that urge daily, we have SO many dog owners in our building and the area we live in is filled with puppeh pals. we want one really bad too!!

    saddle shoes, gallery walls and waffles! well, you don't have to convince me. sold on each and every is what.... huge smile! ♥

  11. i would love a gallery wall too--it will be the big perk of owning our own place :)

  12. Love your lovely lovelinks, Janette! Did you know that I just enjoyed some pumpkin pancakes recently? The were delicious. YUMMMM. I love all things Fall, so much!! And dog petting? I'm a sucker for that, too. Just petted the sweetest old Australian shepard dog while we were out on our Sunday walk...she was the sweetest. And had a little limp. :( Totally awwww-worthy.

    Hope you've had a happy weekend, friend! xoxo

  13. You can make waffles out of pumpkins? This alone blew my mind,.... Stop it Janette, you are going to make me become domesticated with these beauties;)

  14. Hi, uhm. I'm JUST NOW seeing this -- No, I didn't die.
    I WANT THOSE PERFECTLY COLORED OUTFITS. AND the shoes. Gah, I need to go thrifting!


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