Janette the Sicko

I'm home sick today... I thought I was getting better..but no. I actually feel worse this morning than the first day of my cold. Boo! You think it'd be all unicorns and rainbows staying home from work...But it's not.  So far I've:

-Been woken up by concerned coworkers offering to bring me soup and NyQuil. Super nice? Or trying to see if I'm scheming and not really sick? Hmm..

-Made myself the mother of all bowls of cereal for breakfast, only to have it taste like jalapenos. (Someone didn't wash the dishes thoroughly...not me...as in...Lovey.)

-Mind-tripping-going-crazy-moment, when I walked in my bedroom (after going potty) and found a stuffed animal on my bed that I could've sworn I didn't put there. Toy Story moment, no doubt!

-Once the brain fog cleared, I realized I had put the stuffed animal there after all. Phew!

-Last night, after being woken up by a killer sore throat, I went to the kitchen to get some water (in the dark...cause I'm manly) and I got lost getting back to my room. I was up against this wall feeling for a doorway for about 30 seconds. I had no idea where I was.. So I finally felt for a light switch and I was embarrassingly far from where I was supposed to go. Ugh. Lame.

Well I'm off to eat my jalapeno cheerios and return some emails..

Peace out, friends!


  1. I'm sorry you're sick, and I probably shouldn't have laughed at your wall dilemma but I did, because I've done that sort of thing. Only at my age I wonder if dementia is starting early.0_0

    Praying you get better soon.


  2. Soooo sorry you are sick, friend! That's exactly what I went through a couple weeks ago. Got sick - felt like I was getting better - the next day I felt WORSE than the first day. Blah. Feel better soon!! Extra snuggles with that "mystery" stuffed animal should cure you in no time ;)

  3. Oh I hope you feel better soon! But I must admit, your Toy Story experience cracked me up. ;)

    And your Darth Vader cup rocks. :)

  4. At least you have that Darth Vader cup to get you through everything.

    And clearly they are scheming. Those weasels!

    Love, The Skinnys

    Also, don't drink out of a Darth Vader cup, silly.. He'll poison you. DUH.

    No but really, get better! :(

  6. Feel better soon! I always feel like I've left things places where I clearly could never have left them and obviously there is some kind of TOy Story moment happening in my house. Sadly, I'm just a space cadet.

  7. Aww poor Janette ! Well get better soon, your Toy Story moment made me laugh, and as for the bowl of cereals, it happened to me, not with jalapenos but with no longer tasting good milk, ugh!

  8. i hope you feel better soon. i also have a cold at the moment and am hating it but think i am moving in the direction, hope you are too :)

  9. Not to be mean, but I laughed at the cereal bowl story. Not that it's ever happened to me..... usually it tastes like garlic or onions. =) Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Sorry to hear, lady, hope you're feeling a bit better today!
    Sending hugs xxx

  11. well if that Darth cup doesn't ward off any further sickies than i don't know what will! how awesome J - i love it. really sorry you got the ills though but how thoughtful is your co-worker? that's super sweet that they want to take care of you like that and that's the view i'd go with but i don't know them so lets hope it wasn't a scheme ;)

    hope the taste buds come back to you love, sucking back jalapeno cheerios sounds less than delightful, yipes! feel better lades. xo ♥

  12. garrr, blogger just deleted my comment and went all weird 401 error on me :( okay let's start again.

    well if that Darth cup doesn't ward off the sickies than i don't know what will! it's brilliant and crazy cool J. love it! i think it's sweet your co-worker offered to come over with provisions. i'd lean towards the nice thing to do idea rather than the scheme assortment :)

    sure hope you're feeling sweller by now though and that you got to enjoy some goodness this weekend with much more taste bud sensations! xo ♥

  13. So sorry you're sick. I hope that you are recovering this weekend! In your about page, I think you were talking about me in Numbers 1-3, me exactly! I'm your newest follower, come check out my blog!



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