Janette the Puzzler

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned that Lovey and I started a 1,000 piece puzzle.. This is how it all unfolded...

One evening while babysitting my nieces, Lovey came home to find us completing a 20 piece puzzle. He was intrigued and insisted he wanted to go to Target to buy a puzzle for us to do. "As husband and wife." "For a new hobby" he said. "To build our relationship" he said. "To frame it at the end" he said. ("Can't watching a movie and making babies serve the same purpose?" I said.) I guess not. I had to convince him to not go to Target at 10PM cause he was just that determined. He kept mentioning it throughout the week..and I would just sigh and look to the heavens (I'm sooo lazy). But finally, on our ultimate Fall Day, we purchased this puzzle set...
He was excited... I was apprehensive and pouty. But once we started, it wasn't so bad. (Don't tell him this!) In fact I learned a few things...

Here's what I've learned from puzzling:

-It will take longer than 2 hours to complete. Why I wasn't completely aware of this eludes me still.

-1,000 pieces is a lot when it's all spread out on the table. In the box, it's NBD...but on the table??? I nearly poopied mah pants...

-Puzzles can cause neck injuries. Seriously. Our necks were  k i l l i n g  us from looking down at the table for 2 hours straight.

-Puzzles can serve as sleeping pills. I slept like a baby that night and I'm attributing it to my intense brain workout.

-I have a longer attention span than Lovey.

-We're competitive and if I (or Lovey) haven't made matches in a while, we feel dumb.

-It's not a competition! Why are we so competitve?

-When Lovey accuses you of a mistake that he actually made and apologizes, don't follow up with, "HA! HA! You were wrong! I was RIGHT!" (I'm such a jerk, right?)

-I repeat myself. A lot. If I had a dollar for every time I said, "We're missing edge pieces. Where are all the edge pieces????" I'd have $53. No joke.

-Never say, "I think this puzzle will lead to our divorce" to Lovey. I was joking (obviously). He was hurt :-(

-And finally...
So deep right? Ha!

Have you ever completed one of these huge puzzles? Are we total nerds?

PS. Don't answer my last question.


  1. I used to love doing puzzles but I haven't done one in a looooooooong time. Also, don't feel bad about the "you're wrong, I'm right" comment. The Boyfriend once told me, "I love it when you're wrong!" I def have not let him live that down.

    My ADHD kicks in too much.. Hah.

  3. I think it is really cute!! My husband and I were just talking about putting a puzzle together. Since both of us are "doers" and have to be doing something all the time - we thought it would be a great way to have some good conversation and be doing an activity at the same time. i was unaware of the possibility of neck injuries and insane competition.... hmm.

  4. thanks for the laughs!

    ps. i LOVE puzzles.

  5. Totally deep...LOL! This is an awesome post! Oh man I can't even picture my hubby and I puzzling.
    The first christmas we were married I declared loudly and clearly to my in laws how much I HATED puzzling, how there was no use for it, since you throw it back in the box afterwards and how it was SUCH a waste of time! Well it turns out my MIL had bought me a puzzle and after I said that, she had to return it, LOL! Yup I felt like crap:)

  6. I friggin' hate/loathe/despise puzzles.

    So basically you're in my prayers.

  7. Janette you. are. so. funny ! I didn't think puzzles were that big a deal ! I always thought they were fun and we were often tempted (my boyfriend and I) to buy a 1000 pieces one. We might follow your lead soon ;) and I'll tell you how it goes !

  8. A year or so ago I bought a HUGE puzzle, probably this size.
    I spent like a week on it and it looked awesome. It took up a whole coffee table.
    Then I couldn't get it glued so I could frame it and eventually I had to break it so I could have the space back.
    I cried. lol

  9. I can honestly say that I have never done a puzzle. I don't have the patience or attention spam for it. Or the ability to complete things. Plus they are hard. Kudos to you and your man for having all the winderful puzzle attributes, it's kinda a big deal!

  10. Haha! Too cute! Steven an I have done this before but not 1,000 pieces. You guys are truly brave! And yes that last thought was totally deep!


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